15 Horror Movies You Really Shouldn't Watch Alone

15. [REC] (2007)

rec movie
Magnet Releasing

Arguably one of the best-crafted and most legitimately haunting found footage movies ever made, Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza's Spanish cult horror follows a reporter (Manuela Velasco) as she tags along with a local team of firemen investigating an old woman locked inside her apartment.

Soon enough all hell breaks loose, with it becoming clear that the apartment block - which is sealed by the authorities shortly after they enter - houses something far more sinister than anyone could've expected.

Despite its evidently low budget, [REC] makes the most of its eerie central locale and solid cast to deliver an uncommonly intense entry into the genre which pays off with one of the most nerve-wracking finales to any found footage film ever. Watch it in the middle of the night for added creepiness.

[REC] was competently yet pointless remade as Quarantine a year later, before three [REC] sequels followed, though only the first even remotely lived up to the unforgettable original.


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