15 Likely Movie Sequels That Hopefully Will Never Happen

They're probably going to...but hopefully not.

Hollywood is frequently decried for its lack of creativity, and given the staggering amount of movie sequels, remakes, reboots, re-imaginings and adaptations hitting screens each week, it's hardly surprising. Rather than bank on an exciting new project, it's simply less risky to churn out a follow-up to a movie that made a ton of cash, and as lazy as this seems to viewers, it at least makes sense from a business perspective. Still, there are some movie sequels that should absolutely never be made, either because the franchise has gone far enough, or because they shouldn't even become a franchise at all. Bear in mind, however, these are all sequels that have been discussed while not officially confirmed, so dead certain sequels like Transformers 5, Die Hard 6 and Rambo V haven't made the cut, nor have sequels recently put in doubt, such as Horrible Bosses 3 (due to the second film's mediocre box office) and Men in Black 4 (as it may get a crossover reboot with the Jump Street series). These 15 movies are instead the sequels that make absolute financial sense to any studio, yet audiences simply don't want to see them, occasionally for the sake of preserving artistic integrity, but in most cases because integrity of any kind went out the window long ago. These movies would likely be box office successes across the board, but would they actually be any good? Absolutely not. Here are 15 likely movie sequels that hopefully never happen...
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