15 Memorable Moments From This Year's Oscars

From a very high Terrence Howard to John Travolta's creepy face grabbing...

It's another year and another Oscar ceremony has come and gone. Yes, everyone's got an opinion about whether or not Birdman was deserving of Best Picture, but typically the most interesting aspect of the show isn't who wins which awards, but what random surprises the show's producers pull out of the bag, be it by way of unexpected "cameos", elaborate song and dance numbers, and the beautiful simplicity of wealthy people getting drunk on live TV. While this year's ceremony itself didn't have the pizza delivery madness or mega selfie shenanigans of last year's show, it was still full of memorable moments, ranging from the bizarre and surreal, to genuinely affecting and even hilarious. While the ceremony still feels wildly bloated out with commercials and needlessly lengthy asides, at least this year's telecast reminded everyone of the show's unpredictability, and how often the most entertaining parts are those which cannot be schedule and rehearsed. Whether it was inebriated actors making total a**es of themselves, long-deserved Oscars finally reaching their predictable winners, victors using their glory to mount political causes or one major front-runner getting almost completely snubbed, here are the 15 most memorable and entertaining moments from this year's Academy Awards ceremony...

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