15 Most Anticipated Comic Book Movie Scenes Of 2016

Heroes collide and minority characters shine.

This could be said for every year since Marvel Studios changed the game for superhero flicks, but 2016 is a gigantic milestone for the comic book movies. The DC cinematic universe is about to stake its claim as a true challenger to the MCU, creating an established world with crossovers between films such as Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad. Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn are finally going to be given their live action due as two iconic female characters. And furthermore, a Justice League movie is finally set in stone and the die will be cast when Batman vs Superman drops. On the other side of the fence, we have the experiment that is Doctor Strange (which, if Guardians of the Galaxy is anything to go by, will be further proof that Marvel Studios can do no wrong), a Civil War that pits heroes against one another, the debut of one of the world€™s most important minority characters and what is most likely the culmination of the critically acclaimed X-Men reboot. Along the way, there will inevitably be awesome scenes that fans should be absolutely pumped to witness. The difficult part is just narrowing the field down. As this year features two films in which established heroes do battle with one another, expect to see more than a few fights included in this list. And bear it mind, there will be spoilers within...

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