15 Most Awesome 2014 Movie Death Scenes

From the gory to the hilarious to the...weirdly sexy...

As lists have come pouring in over the last few weeks regarding the best and worst of everything cinematic in 2014, what better time to consider the best and most memorable death scenes of the year? Given that the vast majority of major movies feature death scenes of some kind, it's safe to say that they're a huge part of filmmaking and, when done right, can have a great impact on how effective a movie ultimately is. This can be done in a number of ways: perhaps a death is so ludicrously violent that it pushes the bar on gory detail, perhaps it marks the demise of a hugely popular character, maybe it's unexpectedly hilarious, or even just a ridiculous mix of all of these. Whatever the method, these 15 death scenes, taken from a mixture of Hollywood hits, indie successes and even one straight-to-video horror flick, delivered the most unforgettable and entertaining death scenes in cinema this year. Once seen, they can't be unseen, and will linger long in your mind. So, without any further ado, from point-blank facial rearrangements with powerful guns to impalings, explosions, bisections, a fatal assault with a sex toy and everything in between, here are 15 awesome 2014 movie death scenes...

15. Shotgun To The Face - The Raid 2

Who Dies?: Bejo. Method of Death: Shotgun blast to the face at close range (by Uco). Why It's Awesome: Gareth Evans took ultra-violence to new heights with his sensational action sequel The Raid 2, and for every awesome fight scene in the movie, the moment that really took the cake came right at the end, as warring gangsters Bejo and Uco squared off. Uco catches Bejo by surprise with a shotgun blast to the shoulder, sending him to the floor. Uco then drops a planted bug on his bloodied body as he takes aim with the shotgun once again while Bejo raises his hand in protest. A moment later, Uco fires, exploding Bejo's brains onto the carpet in one brutal, unbroken shot. If you saw The Raid 2 in cinemas, then you know the sort of reaction this has evoked from audiences. Even the most hardcore action films will typically cut away from gory imagery like this, but Edwards refuses to, and the result is unforgettably effective.

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