15 Most Disappointing Movies Of 2016

The hype train derails.

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2016 was by most accounts a pretty underwhelming year for big-budget movies. Though the art-house realm provided plenty of sanctury and the horror genre actually fared surprisingly well for the most part, in terms of $200 million blockbusters, there was just so much disappointment.

Though many of these films were financially successful, audiences and critics alike were left unimpressed for the most part, either merely expecting a little more, or flat-out shocked at how low-effort and shoddy the end-product was.

These films, whether Oscar-bait or summer tentpoles, had the potential to deliver awe-inspiring drama and scintillating action, but each settled for the lazy, corner-cutting option instead. They might still be watchable (some of them, anyway), but they're also a constant reminder of unfulfilled promise and studios that can't bring themselves to take any creative risks whatsoever.

Here are the 15 most disappointing movies of 2016...

15. Jason Bourne

Universal Pictures

Few would dare call Jason Bourne a bad film, but it was nevertheless a significant comedown after the consistent smarts and thrills of the first three core entries into the franchise.

Matt Damon is still a terrific Bourne and Paul Greengrass' direction remains pin-sharp, but without the firm pen of series writer Tony Gilroy, the plot felt much more convoluted and less convincing.

Jason Bourne felt like the series coasting on its laurels and the fact that fans hadn't seen a proper Bourne movie in almost a decade: all it had to do was be serviceable to make a ton of cash at the box office, and that's exactly what happened.

Given the stupendous cast involved (including Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander and Vincent Cassel), this should've hit much harder.


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