15 Most Important Film Sequels Coming In 2017

14. Thor: Ragnarok


Of course, next year will see cinema screens once again hit with a barrage of comic book sequels with Thor: Ragnarok having a lot to make up for. The second instalment a few years ago did not exactly set the world alight with Thor: The Dark World standing as one of the worst reviewed films in the Marvel output. Thankfully, Ragnarok has all the ingredients necessary to make a much tastier dish.

Smashing the Hulk into the fray along with elements from well-known comic run Planet Hulk, Ragnarok looks to be setting up an unusual intergalactic buddy movie, no doubt with both violent and hilarious results. Add to that the ongoing mystery of Thor's poolside vision in Age of Ultron as well as why on Midgard Odin is living life as a hobo and suddenly everything about Ragnarok seems a damn sight more interesting than Drab World.

Taking the helm is director Taika Waititi coming off the back of the superb Hunt for the Wilderpeople, which is both an enticing prospect, whilst at the same time breeding concerns that the film will be more comedy than anything else.

Still, Ragnarok has a lot of potential and looks to be at the very least trying something different within the tried and tested MCU formula that was so rife in The Dark World.

UK Release Date: 27 October

USA Release Date: 3 November


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