15 Most Over-Rated Movies Of The 21st Century

Contrary to popular opinion, these films aren't half as great as the critics would have you think.

Spring Breakers 2012

Not too long ago the hallowed BBC released its list of the best films of the 21st century, garnered from the opinions of 177 overwhelmingly American film critics, and like any supposedly definitive ranking it generated its fair share of controversy and debate.

Considering we’re not even two whole decades into this century, the Beeb’s list seems a tad premature and if we’re being really pernickety, the 21st century technically began on January 1st, 2001 which would do away with a good number of the films featured. But more so the list predictably threw up a fair few films that were on the receiving end of an unworthy amount of fanatical praise.

So, in the spirit of contrarianism we’ve picked apart the BBC’s list and mercilessly slagged off and slated the supposed classics of the 21st century (and technically the very end of the 20th century too). Prepare to see your favourite recent films crucified. Sorry (not sorry) in advance.

15. Mad Max: Fury Road

Spring Breakers 2012
Warner Bros.

George Miller’s long-awaited Mad Max comeback hit screens last year to rapturous praise, widely affirmed as the one of the greatest action movies of all time and praised for its exhilarating visuals and underlying messages of female empowerment.

But broodingly beautiful, barren wastelands and post-apocalyptic steampunk aesthetics aside, for a film that’s hailed as elevating the action genre to new heights, it doesn’t deviate too far from standard action fare, seemingly favouring its stunning visuals over substantial characters and plot.

And while it’s true that Fury Road does have some feminist undertones in its focus on Charlize Theron’s Furiosa rather than Mad Max (which hilariously irked many a men’s rights activist) and it’s far more progressive than many films out there, it’s hardly the cinematic equivalent of Emily Davison throwing herself into the path of a speeding horse in the name of female suffrage.


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