15 Most Paused Movie Moments Of 2019

It's the little hidden details that really reward you...

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It already goes without saying that Easter Eggs and hidden details are what really get a certain type of movie fan's pulses racing. It's no longer good enough just to watch films on the surface level and film-makers are seemingly determined to hide secrets in their movies to reward that culture more than ever.

As such, they're breeding a culture of freeze-framing that - combined with the HD quality of home releases now - turns fans into detectives, ever-vigilantly searching for the treasures hidden in their art.

We now pour over movies like never before and that means the level of detail in movies - from costumes to sex scenes to environmental details (or flat-out f*ck-ups and accidents) - is also better than ever too. And here's some of the best of the year...

15. Stanley's Scar - It Chapter 2

Stan it 2
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Just as with the first It remake, part of the pleasure of Andy Muschietti's sequel - which was still one of the best horror movies of the year, despite some flaws - was rewatching it to find the hidden details.

This time, the director and his art team took great pleasure in hiding Pennywise - and even just his name - in the background of shots. He was always there, even when he was supposedly "dormant" and was even watching over the grown-up Losers away from Derry.

The best of the hidden It's comes early in the movie as we see the tragedy of Stanley's suicide. Marked by Pennywise more than any of the others (both physically and psychologically) thanks to an attack in the first movie, Stan's death was deeply heartbreaking but also inevitable, thanks to the It-shaped scar on his forehead confirming he never got out of the monster's shadow.

You'll only catch it if you pause.

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