15 Most Paused Movie Moments Of 2019

14. Arthur's Diary - Joker

Joker Arthur Diary
Warner Bros.

Joker is a particularly loaded movie, but because of Joaquin Phoenix's mesmerising performance, it was all-too-easy to miss out on the subtleties and details in the background. Like the clocks being frozen at the same time or Arkham's walls being painted the same colour as Arthur's outfits - they all combine to mess with your perceptions of what is real.

More tangibly, there's also a Joker diary in there (which almost feels like a nod to Heath Ledger), in which Arthur plots his stand-up act. We get brief flashes of it and the only way to "enjoy" his humour is to pause, which means being able to read things like the story of someone who died on the sidewalk with others walking right over him. It's the basis of his rant before he shoots and kills Murray.

There's another great little spot too that you won't notice unless you have hawk-like eyes or are lightning on the pause button. After Murray Franklin mentions Super Rats in a montage opening on, we see one of the humungous, awful creatures run by Arthur in a phone box. It's blink and you'll miss it, but you'll see it if you're quick enough...

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