15 Most Paused Sci-Fi Movie Moments

Sometimes you just need to take a closer look.

Troy Pac Man Disney

By their very nature, sci-fi movies exist in a world that is fundamentally different from our own.

Not only is this a massive part of their appeal, but it also means that they are often stuffed with hidden extras, messages and Easter eggs that fans just cant resist.

Also, due to the nature of their extensive make-up, prosthesis, set design and costuming, there are often mishaps and mistakes that are missed and make it into the final cut.

Each of these are the ingredients for a movie moment that the audience just has to pause for a better look, and we're all guilty of it at some point.

Some are better known than others, but all it takes is one mention, and then everyone you know is rewatching in the hopes of catching something small that they might have missed the first time.

Whether they're added intentionally or accidentally is ultimately irrelevant, what matters is that you definitely put your viewing pleasure on hold to take a look at something small, arbitrary, or hilarious, and for that, we salute you.

Here are some of the most paused sci-fi moments of all time.

15. Back To The Future - Lightning Strikes

Troy Pac Man Disney

Back to the Future is one of the most iconic sci-fi movies of all time, and an entire generation of movie lovers have grown up on the reverse-Oedipal time travelling caper since its 1985 release.

When Marty uses Doc Brown's time travelling DeLorean and finds himself stuck in 1955, he finds his old friend (now thirty years younger), to help him get back to the future. While dodging events that threaten to erase his very existence, Marty must wait for a storm to produce enough electricity to power the time machine. Luckily, he knows exactly when lightning will strike.

After rigging up a fairly rudimentary means of delivering the power to the machine, Marty prepares to drive the DeLorean into a wire at precisely the right moment.

While technically this entry could refer to the moment that Christopher Lloyd first harnesses the power of nature, it's more likely that you paused at the exact moment that the DeLorean hit the wire and disappeared into the future (or the present, which is now the past).

If you never did this one, you're probably about to.


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