15 Most Powerful Characters In X-Men Movies

Mutant X versus Mutant Y: who wins??

Fox's X-Men franchise is now made up of seven movies and has been going for no less than fifteen years. Starting with the groundbreaking X-Men in the year 2000, the franchise's most recent offering was the brilliant X-Men: Days of Future Past in 2014, but there are at least four movies still to come, starting with 2016's Deadpool. Over the course of the franchise's existence to date, countless weird and wonderful characters have been introduced. We've seen good guys, bad guys and everything in between, we've seen humans, mutants, robots and Frankenstein's monster-esque creations, and we've seen characters with powers ranging from basic super-strength to complex energy manipulation abilities. With that in mind, it's interesting to ponder just who the most powerful characters in the franchise are. Do characters who possess sheer brute force edge out those with the more intricate and esoteric powers? Do characters with one massive power outrank those with more versatile power-sets? Here are the fifteen most powerful characters to have appeared in X-Men movies to date (based on actual displays of power in movies, not just reputations).

Honourable Mention: Sentinels

The Sentinels from X-Men: Days of Future Past weren't "characters" as such - which is why they don't find themselves on the proper list in this article - but they undoubtedly deserve a mention here, given the powers they displayed. Built specifically to annihilate mutants, these mass-produced robots possessed mutant detection abilities, mutant power mimicry abilities, super-strength, incredible durability, flight capabilities, shapeshifting capabilities and a very powerful, destructive energy beam. They were also notably made from a polymer that contained no metal and, as a result, they were completely immune to Magneto's powers. Now, onto the actual list...

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