15 Most Shocking Oscar Injustices Of All Time

"We wuz robbed."

The Academy Awards are inherently contentious and problematic. For some people, they are a glorified popularity contest and an excuse for the rich and famous to gather and talk about how great they have been in the last year. For others, the Oscars are a legitimate marker of quality and an important event in the film calendar to be given the utmost respect. Whatever your opinion is on the actual ceremony itself, people usually have quite strong and divisive views regarding the winners and losers. One of the criticisms of the Oscars that hasn't gone away since the very early days of the awards is that they are incredibly predictable. But, as predictable as they can be, that's not to say that there haven't been some genuine shocks and surprises over the years. Even when a nomination or result seems like a sure thing, the Academy can throw a curve ball and go against all logic and reason by either failing to nominate or failing to give an award that, by all rights, should have been nailed-on. Of course, the Oscars are at the end of the day subjective and you can never really predict just which way Academy members or going to vote, but that doesn't make the entries on this list any less shocking (or infuriating).


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