15 Most Terrifying Movie Aliens Of All Time

13. Killer Klowns

Alien: Resurrection
Universal Studios

You don't have to do too much investigating to figure out who the main antagonists of Killer Klowns From Outer Space are.

A film that literally centers on a race of evil alien clowns (because clowns aren't just an Earthly convention apparently) who invade a small town with side-splittingly sinister intentions. They can't be bargained or reasoned with and simply have one goal: Kill humans and harvest them for food. And they plan on having a lot of fun while doing it.

The film's goofy as hell, but it's completely intentional as the clever script allows the Klowns to come up with an abundance of ways to claim their prey, including popcorn guns and dinosaur shadow puppets. And it's that overall whimsicality that makes them terrifying as hell.

As anyone with a fear of them can attest, normal clowns are creepy enough - but alien clowns? Well now, that's just taking it too far.


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