15 Most Terrifying Sci-Fi Movie Scenes Ever

In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream... Yeah Right!

Looper Seth Death
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Sci-fi movies have given us a lot of awesome stuff, including some really cool future tech, brilliant stories that span thousands of galaxies and also some truly memorable and iconic moments that we will always to come back to. But, as well as all that, sci-fi movies have also given us a lot of nightmare fuel.

Indeed, some sci-fi movies contain scenes that wouldn't be out of place in some of the best horror films, and it's these scenes that this list will take a look at. The scenes that made you squirm in your seat, recoil in fear or even just straight up want to run and hide.

So, while it maybe true, that when in space, no one can hear you scream, your screams will definitely be heard if you watch any of these.

15. Snowpiecer - Whats In The Protein Blocks

Looper Seth Death
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There's a lot of brutal scenes throughout Snowpiercer, including the tunnel fight and the mass brawl outside Walter’s compartment. But arguably, the most horrible scene is when the rear carriagers reach the “protein block” are production section.

From the start of the film, the only food those at the rear of the train have been given, are these brown, gelatinous “protein blocks”. There is no doubt that they must taste disgusting, but there is nothing to suggest that they are in anyway sinister. But, eventually, during the revolt, the rear carriagers reach the food processing station where the protein blocks are made and Curtis (Chris Evans) learns a terrible truth.

In this carriage, there are hundreds being constantly being pumped out by a machine, the most food the revolutionaries have seen in nearly 17 years. But, while this is happening, Curtis has moved further down and found a massive vat that seems to feed the processing machine.

When he looks down, he sees that it’s full of cockroaches that are being blended up to make up the “protein blocks”. The horrified and sickened look of Curtis’s face says it all, as he bites his hand to stop himself from crying out.

This scene will make anyone who watches feel sick and terrified all at once, and it’s made even when the camera cuts back to the rear carriagers, who, with no idea what’s in them, are now desperately fighting each other for the "protein blocks”.

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