15 Most Underrated Movies Of 2016

There’s no way these movies deserved all the hate they got.


It’s a rare feat for a film to be both lavished with critical praise and a hit with moviegoers en masse. More often than not, a movie is beloved by critics but snubbed by audiences by audiences once it hits cinemas or, on the flipside, panned by critics and raved about by audiences. Sometimes a snubbing, whether from critics or audiences, is entirely warranted but it often means that brilliant (or at least not totally awful) movies are dismissed before they’ve even been given a chance.

It happens all the time: the big budget superhero movie is lambasted for its focus on action while the micro budget indie flick, if indeed it gets a wide enough release, is not as appealing to audiences as a blockbuster would be. But fear not: from low budget indies that critics loved but flopped at the box office to critically panned moviegoer favourites, we’re here to inform you of the year’s most underrated films and why they’re deserving of your time. Give ‘em another chance, eh?


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