15 Most Underrated Movies Of 2016

15. Keanu

Warner Bros.

Starring Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele (of Key & Peele fame) as cousins who find themselves embroiled in Los Angeles’ drug underworld after their cute adopted kitten is kidnapped, Keanu is a hilarious action comedy that somehow managed to flop massively at the box office. It probably didn’t help that it was released around the time of the all-eclipsing success of Captain America: Civil War, but it’s director Peter Atencio apparently suspected that it was the film’s misleading marketing that hindered Keanu’s success as much of it focused on its feline cast member, the titular Keanu. Kittens are an obvious marketing choice because who doesn’t love a cute kitty, but in this case it perhaps suggested a middling family-oriented comedy rather than the R-rated comedy Keanu actually is.

If you need another reason to give it a chance beyond its feline star and the fact that Key and Peele are hilarious, then perhaps a voice cameo in which Keanu Reeves voices his namesake kitten should motive enough.


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