15 Most Underrated War Movies Of All Time

14. Casualties Of War

Jarhead Jake Gyllenhaal
Columbia Pictures

Probably the hardest film to watch on this list and one of the more brutal true stories to come from the Vietnam conflict, Brian de Palma’s unflinching Casualties of War follows a group of US soldiers attempting to cover up the brutal gang rape and murder of an innocent Vienamese civilian by their number during the American invasion of the country.

Anchored by a pair of staggering turns from Michael J Fox as a rare soldier with some semblance of a conscience and Sean Penn as the ruthless, inhuman instigator of the pivotal atrocity, this sparse and vicious film is a brutal reminder of the amoral reality of modern conflict, and a sobering rejoinder to the many films depicting American soldiers as victims in Vietnam.

Just make sure you’re ready for the heavy, difficult content that the film’s unfortunately true story centres around.


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