15 Movie Characters Who Look Nothing Like They Did In Real Life

15. Frank Abagnale, Jr. - Catch Me If You Can

Frank Abagnale, Jr. was an incredibly adept con man, successfully forging cheques and posing as important personnel for a period of almost ten years. One thing he wasn't is a heartthrob. Which makes it strange that Leonardo DiCaprio was cast as him in a biopic of his misadventures.

Catch Me If You Can is a cracking caper from Steven Spielberg often lost in his incredibly strong filmography. And it's obvious why the incredibly talented DiCaprio plays Abagnale - although he is clearly a serious criminal there's enough like-ability to care for him. There's not much of physical resemblance between the two, however; we can't see Abagnale front-lining the then-biggest movie of all time.

This is far from the only inaccuracy in a film which has some major moments purely dreamt up by the film-makers; many events were less dramatic in real life and the emotional beat of Frank reuniting with his father is totally fabricated. With this in mind its hard to get too hung up on the lack of resemblance.


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