15 Movie Trailers You Won't Believe Were Allowed To Exist

14. Tom Hanks' Fate Gets Spoiled - Cast Away

If you're one of the three people on Earth who hasn't seen Tom Hanks' survival classic Cast Away, don't watch the above trailer, because it pulls the classic Robert Zemeckis trick of spoiling a ton of juicy plot details, specifically that he survives his time on the island, was lost at sea for four years, and has an emotional reunion with his former partner (Helen Hunt).

Yes, you can argue that the film is about Hanks' character's journey rather than his destination, but was it really necessary to give so much of the third act away for free just to sell a film that was already ticking a bunch of boxes?

Zemeckis himself once famously remarked that Hollywood focus groups indicate that mainstream and casual audiences like to be spoiled by trailers because they like the dependability of knowing exactly what they're going, comparing it to McDonalds. Sheesh.

At least in today's spoiler-averse culture, the director would basically be raked over the coals if one of his trailers was this egregiously spoilerific.


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