15 Recent Movie Characters Destined To Be Iconic

13. Moana - Moana

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Disney characters being iconic isn't exactly unheard of, particularly when it comes to their female-led films. So you may be wondering: what sets Moana apart from the rest?

As the first Polynesian lead that a Disney film has seen, Moana is immediately compared to other well-loved non-white leads, such as Mulan, Jasmine and Tiana. Moana, however, is arguably the strongest and bravest of all of these heroines.

Moana is sent on a quest to recover an ancient artefact of the gods and end a blight that torments her island and her people. Travelling with the, demigod Maui, she conquers the seas on her journey to confront the corrupted goddess, Te Ka.

Even when her demigod companion abandons her, she does not falter, and eventually restores Te Fiti's heart, alleviating the curse in place on her home. She subsequently returns to her people a hero, becoming their new chieftain and wayfinder and leading them on an exploration of the wider world.

She is also a great idol for today's generation of young women everywhere. Moana is a truly strong woman that succeeds against all the odds, becomes a great leader and never relies on a love interest to save her. Disney did a fantastic job representing aspects of Polynesian culture, and Moana is the perfect lead.

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