15 Stupid Star Wars Movie Mistakes You Probably Missed

Unfortunately, that galaxy far far away has a few of moments you will wish you never knew about.


Regardless of how good or bad any of the Star Wars films are in comparison to one another, you would at least expect them all to be made with an insane level of care and attention to detail. This is, after all, one of the biggest brands in entertainment. A multi-billion dollar concern with enough clout behind it to sort of guarantee quality care.

But naturally, like in all films, mistakes are made and some end up making it into the final cut.

From items disappearing and reappearing in different scenes, to stormtroopers bashing their heads off of low hanging doors, there have been many mistakes spotted over the years.

However, this list is not just concerned with the obvious mistakes that even casual movie going audiences would have been able to spot. This list covers some of the more obscure mistakes of the Star Wars films that even the most diehard fans may have missed or never considered.

Whether they were mistakes that made it past the editing team or moments that end up becoming contradicting events in other films, some of these entries will make you want to watch them again to try and spot them yourself.

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