15 Things You Didn't Know About The Toy Story Movies

The original hero of Toy Story was a familiar face for Pixar fans...

Toy Story Tin Toy

This year marks 25 years since we were introduced to Woody, Buzz and the rest of Andy’s toys in the classic Toy Story, released in 1995.

The groundbreaking movie wowed audiences upon it’s release and went on to become the first of a quadrilogy of films that spanned over 24 years, with the latest instalment being Toy Story 4, released last year.

The colourful cast of characters have left an undeniable mark on popular culture across multiple generations. Pixar were able to tell the tale of toys coming to life with a universal appeal that entertained adults and children alike, and now people that were children when the first film was released are able to enjoy the latest movies in the franchise with their own kids.

The movies are timeless and the iconic characters will undoubtedly live forever to entertain families for centuries in the same way the likes of Mickey Mouse have. Multiple moments from the four movies will forever be engrained in the minds of many, however, there may be a few things you do not know about the Toy Story franchise.

15. Tin Toy

Toy Story Tin Toy

Long before Pixar became the much-loved animation film studio we all know today, they produced short movies such as Luxo Jr. and Tin Toy to showcase their incredible work in computer animation.

In fact, Tin Toy, released in 1988, was the blueprint for what went on to become Pixar’s first feature-length movie, Toy Story. The short film tells the story of ‘Tinny’, a mechanical one-man band toy that lives its life in the bedroom of a baby named Billy.

Original plans for Toy Story featured ‘Tinny’ as the main character. Woody did feature in these early drafts, but was initially designed as a wooden ventriloquist dummy, hence the name ‘Woody’, and featured in a less prominent role.

Obviously, Woody went on to become the lead character in Toy Story, but his character went through many different iterations before becoming the lovable cowboy we all know him as today. Tinny was dropped, but he did eventually reappear in Toy Story 4.

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