15 Things You Didn't Know About The Toy Story Movies

14. Woody The Jerk

Toy Story Tin Toy

While the Pixar team were still figuring out what the key traits of their characters were during pre-production for Toy Story, the then-Disney Chairman, Jeffrey Katzenberg, suggested that they take the story in a darker and more adult direction.

This led to the writers making Woody a more cynical and sarcastic character who had allowed his position as Andy’s favourite toy go to his head.

When an early draft of a scene with this version of Woody was shown to Disney executives, they were reportedly disgusted by the callousness of Woody’s character and almost decided to shut down production entirely.

Luckily, Pixar were given a couple of weeks to make alterations and director John Lasseter, who admitted he was embarrassed by this early draft, moulded Woody into a more sympathetic character and went on to produce a film that was more in line with what Pixar team had originally wanted to do.

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