15 Weirdest Ever Batman Movie Tie-In Toys

The Dark Knight has inspired some baffling toys over the course of his movie career.


Batman is a cultural icon. Since 1939, he has consistently been one of the most popular characters in comics, being considered one of the Big Three of DC (along with Superman and Wonder Woman,) crossing and blurring lines between comics, animation, books, movies, and merchandise.

So much merchandise.

Thousands of companies have licenced the rights to Batman from DC to create merchandise, especially since the 1989 Batman movie took over that summer and saw the distinctive yellow and black bat symbol on just about anything possible.

Batman and his world is a natural outlet for toys. The concept, the costumes, the gadgets, the vehicles...all of the things that make Batman who and what he is easily transfer over to toys and games. Some of them have been fantastic - realistic depictions of the World's Greatest Detective that truly capture the essence of Batman.

Others... not so much.

It is inevitable that with so many marketing opportunities, some companies turn out products that make you stop, scratch your head, and wonder what the hell the design team was thinking. Simply having a Bat-logo on the package doesn't equate to a cool, interesting, or even fun toy or game.

But when there's money to be made, companies will try anything. These are some of the strangest Batman tie-in toys ever produced.

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