15 Weirdest Ever Batman Movie Tie-In Toys

14. Bob The Goon - Batman 1989

Batman Water Gun 1
Toy Biz

Bob the Goon was Joker's right hand man. He laughed at the boss' jokes, threatened people, and was ultimately blasted in the face by Joker for his efforts.

Tracey Walter is a fine actor with a long resume, is good friends with Jack Nicholson, and he was great in Conan the Destroyer as Malak, but no one wanted or needed an action figure based on him.

In the summer of 1989, these figures appeared to be everywhere. Every kid with Batman toys had at least one of these, often more, because they could be generic bad guys too. Despite Bob's 'power kick' and outfit that was a cross between a ninja suit and mechanic overalls, he wasn't really much fun. He was a goon - it was in his name!

Aside from a few conversations with Jack / Joker, he wasn't an integral part of the story. At the time, though, Toy Biz had the licencing rights and they quickly saw what a cash cow Batman became, so they began producing anything they could with those distinctive gold and black BATMAN letters on it.

Bob the Goon was a cash grab toy, pure and simple, except maybe for purists who couldn't stand not to have him pristinely tucked away in his little plastic shell.

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