15 Worst Movie Performances Of 2019

There are the performances the Razzies were made for.

Warner Bros.

Despite all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, it must be incredibly tough to be an actor. There are some in the industry who literally pour their life and soul into each and every role they have. Just look at the body transformations of Joaquin Phoenix for Joker, or Jared Leto for the upcoming Morbius, to name just two.

To recognise the best of the best we have the Oscars, prestigious awards actors would give anything for. Then, there are these performances at the very opposite end of the scale. Any awards these actors are likely to win thanks to their work in 2019 won't come from the Academy, but from the Golden Raspberry committee.

Some of these performances come as the latest in a long line of duds from actors we have come to expect it from, others come from usually incredible actors who just didn't give it their all.

Whatever the reason, it seems that no one is safe from having a shocker, and 2019 gave us no shortage of these dreadful offerings.


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