15 Worst Movie Performances Of 2019

15. Lee Pace - Captain Marvel

Marvel Studios

One of the great aspects of the MCU is seeing all these different characters pop up throughout the individual franchises within the wider universe. Black Widow in The Winter Soldier, Doctor Strange in Ragnarok, even Bucky in the Black Panther mid credit scene. Captain Marvel's version of this, on top of Nick Fury and Agent Coulson, was bringing back Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser.

Though the character was easily the worst part of Guardians of the Galaxy, this was seen as a chance for redemption. Instead however, we got the same, boring and emotionless charisma vacuum as we did before.

Granted, Pace wasn't exactly given much to do in his limited screen time, but after being so poorly received in 2014, the actor could have at least tried a little harder to make a lasting impression, or brought at least a little personality to the character. Just something to lessen the bad taste in the mouth, instead of the same poor performance as before.


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