15 WTF Moments From King Kong Vs. Godzilla

Godzilla & Kong's first squabble is quite bizarre.

Well, it€™s official: Godzilla Vs. Kong will be smashing its way to the big screen€ in 2020. That€™s a long time to wait for these two cinematic legends to come together, and plenty of time for fans to speculate about this highly anticipated rematch. Yes, I say rematch, because this will not be the first time Godzilla and King Kong will be going head to head. They first met up in the original 1962 kaiju classic King Kong Vs. Godzilla. At the time the film was the biggest of its kind; presented in glorious colour and widescreen, which was a first for both characters. It was only the third movie in the Godzilla franchise, explaining why it has managed to maintain some success and longevity. And yet, despite such status, King Kong vs. Godzilla is actually quite a bizarre film full of ridiculously goofy moments. The film never treats the premise with the gravitas that you€™d expect, the result of which is that it doesn€™t quite meet the potential of the match up. Even within the broad spectrum of tones that defines the Godzilla series, King Kong Vs. Godzilla still remains one of the silliest. With these two characters making their way into the public consciousness once more, now seems as pertinent time as any to look back at this divisive yet important film. These are the goofiest, the cheesiest, and the most comically entertaining moments from the original King Kong Vs. Godzilla.

15. Giant Monsters As Advertisements

Right off the bat the entire premise of how and why King Kong and Godzilla meet are comical. You see, Mr. Tako, the head of the company Pacific Pharmaceuticals, wants to boost the ratings of the shows he is sponsoring. Upon hearing of an expedition to the mysterious Faro Island and the monster god that inhabits it, his natural conclusion is to send two men to the island to capture the monster and use it to gain publicity. It is clear from this set up that the film was never meant to be taken seriously; distancing itself from the dark and haunting atmosphere of the original Gojira. This was no accident, as the film is meant to be a satire of corporate greed. Still, it€™s a huge tonal shift that risks turning off those going in expecting a more traditional monster rumble. And it only gets stranger from here€

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