17 Stupid Mistakes That Somehow Made It Into 2016 Movies

Geeky nitpicks or dumb screw-ups?


Movie mistakes can be fun to catch: there are entire communities online who make a sport out of it, but then again, sometimes a gaffe is just so lazy and careless that you'll be left rolling your eyes more than laughing.

For the most part, these mistakes showed up in big-budget Hollywood productions that should know better and also have the resources to fix the problem, but they instead banked on most people not caring enough to point the errors out.

Of course, the beauty of the Internet is that these daft mistakes have been shared online for all to see, proving that no matter how much money goes into a production, there's always going to be someone keen to cut as many corners as possible.

Here are 17 stupid mistakes that somehow made it into 2016's movies...

17. Tommy Lee Jones' Dialogue Visible On His Notepad - Jason Bourne


In the very first scene where Tommy Lee Jones' Robert Dewey appears, there's a shot of him clearing various objects into his briefcase.

Eagle-eyed viewers who look to the right of the shot will see a notepad, which contains all of Jones' lines for the scene.

Squint and you can make out "This is Dewey" (though Jones actually just says "Dewey" in the scene's final cut), followed by, "How badly?", "Is there any atttribution?" and "I want a briefing in my conference room in one hour."

There's also an additional line included that doesn't appear in the scene (which begins with "OK" but the rest is illegible), presumably cut for one reason or another. At least this goof's pretty interesting, right?

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