17 Subtle Star Wars Easter Eggs And References In Other Movies

The Eggpire Strikes Back, more like.

When discussing the long history of cinema, there is rarely any argument over the most important moment in the timeline. The success of Star Wars in 1977 not only pulled 20th Century Fox from the brink of bankruptcy (the studio was generating revenues of $1.2 million a day at one stage) but it fundamentally changed the Hollywood movie, not only aesthetically, but in terms of narrative too. The focus switched from character driven stories based on dramatic conflict to epic, effects-laden blockbusters practically overnight. Before Star Wars, special effects as we know them today were virtually non-existent, though huge investments were made in the department in the wake of Episode IV's global success. As that success continued to grow exponentially, so did George Lucas' influence. Star Wars went on to pioneer the idea of the genre pastiche, create the trilogy model we know and love, start the tradition of the multi-screen summer blockbuster - in short, Star Wars changed everything. A generation of directors have now had the chance to grow up with Star Wars as their bible, and boy do they love to preach! Countless films have referenced the various Star Wars movies in some shape or form over the years, with some examples more obvious than others - like E.T. locking eyes with a Yoda imposter from beneath his ghost costume on Halloween, or Bane's Vader-like get-up and heavy breathing in The Dark Knight Rises. Not every Star Wars Easter Egg is quite as easy to spot, however, and plenty of film makers are happy to make you work for it. As you would expect, plenty of sci-fis make this list, though they are joined by a number of action films, comedies, horrors, indie films and even children's animation, proving that no matter what you are watching, you should always keep your eyes peeled for a subtle Star Wars reference...

17. TK421 Upgrade - Boogie Nights (1997)

Paul Thomas Anderson€™s Boogie Nights follows adult film producer Burt Reynolds during the porn boom of the late 1970s as he aims to turn pornography into an art form using Mark Wahlberg€™s massive, um, talent. It is packed full of wild sex, hard drugs, explicit violence and bad language €“ not somewhere you would expect to see a Star Wars Easter egg, though PTA couldn€™t resist a subtle nod to the saga. As electronics store worker Buck (Don Cheadle) attempts to sell hi-fis, he offers customers a €œTK421 upgrade€. TK421 was of course the name of the Stormtrooper ordered to guard the Millennium Falcon after it was captured by the Death Star in A New Hope. He and a fellow Stormtrooper were ambushed by Han Solo after entering the ship and Han and Luke used their armour to penetrate the Star.

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