18 Crucial Questions For 2015's Most Anticipated Movies

What needs to be known about the biggest year in film ever.

2015 is going to be one insane year for movies: more so than possibly any year in prior cinematic history, next year sees the release of a ridiculous number of eagerly-anticipated sequels, remakes and reboots, such that film fans are going to see themselves parting with an unruly amount of cash and finding themselves visiting the cinema more than ever before. Next year has got questionable new entries in flagging franchises, original projects from acclaimed directors, adaptations of pop-culture sensations, daring new comic book movies, and of course, a certain sci-fi sequel that just about everyone and their uncle will be watching. Each of these films has at least a few nagging questions, raised by either what came before it in the franchise, or merely something suggested by a trailer, interview or promotional still so far. These 18 movies, whether ultimately good or bad, have a wealth of expectation attached to them, and are going to leave eager fans asking questions until they're sat in the cinema finding out for themselves. With just 6 weeks until the biggest ever year in movies kicks off, here are 18 questions to keep in mind heading into 2015, 18 questions that just might determine the success or failure of each movie.

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