18 Directors Who Sneaked In References To Their Own Movies

18. Tim Burton – Smilex, Pink Sheep & Beetle Juicing

Warner Bros.

Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – the second adaptation of Roald Dahl’s much-loved children’s book after the Gene Wilder fronted Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in 1971 – is chock-full of references to his previous movies.

The most obvious reference is one to Burton’s 1989 take on Batman during a scene in which we see Charlie’s dad working his job at a toothpaste factory that manufactures Smilex – the same name of the poisonous chemical created by the Joker in Batman that causes people to die of laughter.

But there’s also a nod to Burton’s 1994 biopic Ed Wood (which also starred Johnny Depp) in a scene where we see Oompa Loompas shearing pink sheep – a reference to filmmaker Ed Wood’s penchant for pink angora sweaters – and a homage to Burton’s comedy horror Beetlejuice in the form of a room dedicated to ‘Beetle Juicing’.


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