18 WTF Moments From Sausage Party

Nazis, orgies and zombie sweetcorn...

Sausage Party WTF
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Where do you even start with Sausage Party? The R-rated comedy animation is an exercise in provocation, studded liberally with f-bombs, c-bombs and the most deliciously inappropriate sexual humour outside of Porkies.

Yes, it's puerile; yes, it's outrageous, but it will be adored by just as many people as are utterly, irrevocably offended by it. It triggers at both extreme ends, and the fact that it's sitting on 82% on RottenTomatoes suggests it's more than just dick jokes, vagina jokes and anal jokes. Or that film criticism is a completely different beast to what it used to be.

And of course it's more: peeling away that surface reveals allegory, parody, pastiche and homage, and there's a lot of brains to the silliness.

Inevitably, it's an outrageous film and there are an incredible number of jaw-dropping moments from jaunty gags about Nazi Germany, Jewish/Arabic conflict and a massive barbed jab at organised religion...

18. The Hitler Joke

Sausage Party WTF
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If you weren't already aware when the profanity immediately became torrential, a grand total of a few minutes into the film, it's VERY obvious what you've got yourself in for.

That realisation - and the real moment that earns the hard R and the reputation - comes during the opening song when a bottle of sauerkraut dressed as Hitler leads an army in formation and talks up the "extermination of the juice".

It's a daft joke on the surface, but it's a weirdly unnecessary gag that feels like any excuse to grab at controversy was taken. It's cheap and nasty, and that's not a good way to set your stall out.


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