19 Stupid Things You Shouldn't Say To Lord Of The Rings Fans

Havo dad, Ring hater.

Aragorn Swag Return Of The King Gif Gif Tolkien's imagination and his ability to create an entire new world with its own languages and different species is quite spectacular considering you probably find it difficult to think of five words beginning with the letter X in thirty seconds. It's also why you love him. But it comes at a cost: your next holiday destination needs to be the Shire because there's no way you can look at one more person take a selfie outside Bilbo Baggins' hobbit hole and gloat on their social media accounts. You're not bitter, but you're not happy about it either and all you really want to do is ride a horse in a green cloak and pretend to be a part of the Fellowship. And such is the life of a Lord Of The Rings fan, having to deal with people who just don't understand the love, or worse, who take every opportunity to criticise Tolkien's work to your face. And little do they know that every barbed word and every nasty joke cuts you deep: if only they knew the pain they caused they'd surely reconsider saying anything like this...

19. "Frodo Is So Whiny"

Frodo Crying Lord Of The Rings Gif Gif

For someone who had this mission thrust upon him, had to walk across Middle earth with a limited supply of food and water and with a creepy guide intent on killing him in his sleep, Frodo could have been a lot worse. Besides, his eyes are so big and beautiful that it really doesn't matter what he's saying.

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