20 Actors That Were Almost Cast In The Lord Of The Rings

20. Vin Diesel - Aragorn

That's right, the bald-headed action hero, self-proclaimed Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast and huge fan of the books unsuccessfully auditioned for the role of Aragorn before his career really took off. As harsh as it sounds, it would be safe to assume that he wouldn't have been a great fit for the character. With the casting process taking place around 1999, Diesel was nowhere near a household name at this point, and was still best known for his minor role in Saving Private Ryan, along with writing, directing, producing and starring in festival favourites Multi-Facial and Strays. Picturing Vin Diesel as Aragorn takes a real stretch of the imagination - it's unlikely Tolkien envisioned the heir of Gondor as a muscle-bound, gravel-throated ass-kicker.

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