20 Actors Who Have Died In 2019

The legendary stars we lost this year...


As with every year, the final days and weeks left on the calendar generally lead to film fans turning reflective. We all compile our best and worst lists of the year, mentally noting from others the hidden gems we didn't get to see and looking ahead at what the next year's bounty promises too.

We celebrate the best performers ahead of the awards season, offering tips on what we KNOW will be heralded and what definitely ought to be. It's a great time for taking stock. And at the same time, naturally, we look back at other milestones: the most successful films, the TV shows and franchises that ended, the cancelled projects that ended and, of course, even more preciously, the talents from the silver screen we lost over the months.

The community of film stars is very much that, which is why we get the In Memoriam segments in award shows - accolades are somehow a little lesser if they don't come with an acknowledgement of those no longer with us. There's a pretty lovely message there.

Here's our tribute to some of the stars who have passed away this year...

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