20 Actors You Never Knew Were In Star Wars

These actors all made sneaky appearances in Star Wars.

John Wayne Imperial Spy

Star Wars is undeniably one of the most wide-reaching entertaining empires in history, enough that just about everybody wants to get cast in a Star Wars movie one way or another.

And so, it's little surprise that even A-list legends have actively sought out even the smallest of cameo appearances throughout the years, while Star Wars has also given many then-unknown actors their starts in the industry through tiny bit-parts.

But the canvas of George Lucas' franchise is so vast, now counting a dozen films among its number (including The Clone Wars), that you can't really be blamed for failing to keep track of every now-famous face (and voice) that's ended up in a Star Wars movie.

From blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearances to subtle voiceover cameos and everything in-between, you almost certainly missed that these actors were part of Star Wars, no matter how well-known they might've been at the time.

As the future careers of many of these jobbing actors proves, having a Star Wars movie on your CV never hurt anybody - not even if it was one of the "bad" ones...

20. Justin Theroux - The Last Jedi

John Wayne Imperial Spy

The infamous Canto Bight sequence in The Last Jedi is such a busy sensory assault that you'd be forgiven for missing a fleeting cameo from Justin Theroux as the master codebreaker briefly spotted at one of the casino's gaming tables.

As an added bonus, model-actress Lily Cole plays the companion on his right.

With his hair slicked back and touting a pencil mustache, Theroux is looking a little different than we're used to seeing him, so he's easily missed in the bustle of the scene.

As much as the cameo was a dream come true for the actor, he also stated that the part was originally supposed to be much bigger:

"It was one of those things. Rian [Johnson] called me a couple of years before making it, and said, 'Hey, there's this character, blah, blah, blah.' And I think over the course of the making the character became reduced, as they sort of locked in on what the overall thing was. And then he sort of called me last minute, I'd sort of forgotten about it...and said, 'Hey, it's really essentially a cameo, and sort of a punchline. Would you like to come in and play this part?' And I thought, 'Sure, that'd be...' I mean, come on!"

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