20 Actors You Probably Forgot Were in YA Adaptation Movies

19. Toby Jones - The Hunger Games Series

Hunger Games Natalie Dormer

A long-time journeyman actor, many people have probably seen Toby Jones in many projects without realizing it. Among his more prominent roles has been as Arnim Zola in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Others may know his voice as being that of Dobby's in the Harry Potter series.

In The Hunger Games and its first sequel, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Jones plays Claudius Templesmith. A largely unsympathetic character, Claudius along with Stanley Tucci's Caeasar Flickerman serve as commentators of television coverage of the annual event that pits children against each other in a fight to the death.

As the format changed as the series went on, going away from the 'games' to an all-out war, Claudius' role was pretty much obsolete, though Caesar made brief appearances.


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