20 Awesome Moments When Comic Book Movie Villains Totally Owned

18. Whiplash Ambushes Tony - Iron Man 2

As far as villains go, Iron Man 2's Whiplash received mixed reviews from fans and critics alike... but there's no denying that - the first time we meet this guy complete with costume and electrified whips - that he comes across as super badass. Whilst Tony is showing off at the Monaco Grand Prix as one of the competitors, Ivan Vanko walks onto the track, spins his whips around like a maniac, and brings Tony's race car to a halt by slicing it clean in half. Though he loses the ensuing battle against Tony afterwards, we can't pretend Whiplash didn't briefly rule it all.

17. "I'm The Juggernaut, B*tch" - X-Men: The Last Stand

It's hard to remain unimpressed even when a character as inherently douchey as the Juggernaut is crashing through wall after wall like it's nothing at all - which is what happens during a particularly memorable scene in X-Men: The Last Stand, as our villain gives chase to young Kitty Pryde. Pryde grabs the Juggernaut and - using her phasing ability - pulls him down into the concrete floor, trapping the poor bloke... of course, this guy's ability is being very strong, so no worries. "I'm the Juggernaut, bitch," he tells her, before easily ripping up the floor and pursuing.

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