20 Awesome Movies You Didn't Know Were Still Coming In 2020

The great movies you'll definitely get to see this year.


There's no denying that 2020 has been the most unpredictable and uncertain year for cinema in, well, forever.

Distributors have been desperately scrambling to either push their lofty tentpole movies back into 2021 to rescue that precious box office, or have just bravely rolled the dice on a VOD release.

And so, with theatrical releases looking continually uncertain for the rest of the year, we can turn our eyes to those films opting to release instead via streaming services over the next few months.

These 20 films, from unassuming cult classics to awards-courting prestige dramas, are all due for a small screen bow before year's end.

Though given 2020's generally chaotic release slate - not to mention the sheer number of streaming services to keep up with these days - you wouldn't be blamed for losing track of them.

Follow this handy guide, then, for the 20 vital films you absolutely need to keep on your radar for the remainder of 2020, from card-carrying genre joints to those a little more adventurous and unexpected...


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