20 Baffling IMDb Top 250 Placements You Won't Believe

19. Interstellar

Interstellar Cooper
Warner Bros. Pictures

The Film:

Christopher Nolan's ambitious, arty and utterly bonkers science-fiction epic, which sends Matthew McConaughey into space and through a wormhole to some very weird places.

Placement: #30

Why It's Wrong:

It's great to see Interstellar on the list. It was underrated by some on release and while it's full of plot holes, it's also an ambitious, dramatically powerful and artistically refined exploration of places few other blockbuster filmmakers would even dream of going. Basically, it's something of a flawed masterpiece. But the 30th best film of all time? Come on, that's ridiculous.

It's a movie which 100% belongs on the IMDb Top 250 somewhere, but not at number 30! Much like The Silence of the Lambs, it's a good film that has been placed far too high on the list and has beat out many other films which are definitely better. For example, this is higher than Memento and that's Christopher Nolan's best film.

With this one, the most valid assumption is that this was hijacked by Christopher Nolan's ever-tiresome fan-base. Given that in many places this film wasn't as well-received as all that, there seems to be no other explanation as to how a film which faced a fair amount of backlash managed to find its way to such a high placement. The initial assumption was that it would drop over the years, but it's still in the top 50.

Where It Should Be: #150-#200


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