20 Best Ever Quentin Tarantino Characters

basterds-->From the moment Quentin Tarantino exploded onto the scene in 1992 with his instant classic Reservoir Dogs, he has consistently been regarded as one of the most knowledgeable, respected, talented and controversial directors around, and with films under his belt like 1994€™s Pulp Fiction, and more recently Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained, the praise and adoration this man receives from the world of cinema seems truly well deserved.

Tarantino€™s films are memorable and entertaining for so many reasons; his extreme yet beautifully shot violence, his humour, his homage to many classic films and other aspects of pop culture, as well as his insanely cool soundtracks that help to make specific scenes and character moments become unforgettable pieces of cinema, be it Mr. Blonde slicing off a policeman€™s ear, or Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace€™s dance to win all dances.

However, the reason why both movie buff's as well as the general public€™s interest is perked every time a movie trailer or poster has the name Quentin Tarantino on it, even when his lack of presence from our cinema screens can reach up to six years, is not only because his films are undeniably cool and that the guy can write and shoot an entertaining night at the movies, it is also because in the last 20 years, he has created some of the most memorable, cool, evil and downright crazy characters the world has ever seen. It doesn€™t matter if a character turns out to be the main focus of the film, and has his/her face front and centre on every poster from here to Timbuktu, or whether they are a character that has just a few, yet unforgettable, minutes of screen time, the love, devotion and creativity that Tarantino gives his characters is unparalleled, so much so that this list is devoted to the crème dela crème of Tarantino€™s most insane, crazy, lovable, twisted and greatest creations.

The list will include characters that appear both in films directed by Tarantino as well as other films such as Natural Born Killers and From Dusk Till Dawn, that though not directed by Tarantino, were still written and created by him.

Shockingly, you won't find any characters on this list that Tarantino actually played himself.

Spoilers within.


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