20 Best Horror Movies Of 2021

19. Slaxx

The Night House

Sometimes a movie about a pair of possessed designer jeans killing the employees of a clothing store just does the trick, you know?

The amusingly-titled Slaxx delivers exactly what it advertises on the tin - an efficient, 77-minute gore-fest as hapless shop-workers are killed in hilariously over-the-top fashion but unethically-produced denim.

Director Elza Kephart does a great job toeing the tonal line and ensuring that Slaxx is an entertainingly daft horror film that also manages to pass genuinely thoughtful commentary on the exploitative nature of the modern clothing industry.

For a film clearly produced on a low budget, the central gimmick is executed with unexpected style, such that most anyone lured in by its logline will be left satisfied by what it has to offer.

There's a lot to be said for a movie that just commits to the lunacy of its conceit, and that Slaxx certainly does.


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