20 Best Movie Posters Of 2016

Who needs fancy viral marketing campaigns with posters as good as these?

10 Cloverfield Lane

With all the stylised viral marketing campaigns, teaser trailers, and constant social media updates about upcoming films, you’d be forgiven for forgetting all about the humble movie poster. As movie campaigns become increasingly interactive and dependent on the internet, it is becoming harder and harder to create promotional artwork that stands out, but these upcoming examples are proof that the art of the movie poster isn’t dead yet.

Some of the posters featured here promote films that were well received by both critics and audiences, while other posters far outdo the middling films they set out to promote. Regardless of the end result, each of these posters demonstrated impressive artistic talent and vision.

Read on for the most eye-grabbing, stunning, and persuasive movie posters of this year.

20. The Founder

10 Cloverfield Lane
The Weinstein Company

A biographical drama starring Michael Keaton, The Founder tells the tale of real-life entrepreneur Ray Kroc who helped turn McDonalds into the global, multi-billion-dollar empire it is today. But even with no prior knowledge of what the movie is all about, there’s a pretty obvious and familiar clue included in its poster.

Even with its logo – those iconic golden arches – partially obscured, it’s such a globally recognisable brand that there’s no doubt as to what the film might be about.


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