20 Best Movies About The Movies Of All Time

9. The Disaster Artist

Hail Cesare

With the aforementioned sub-genre of movies about the production of terrible movies, The Disaster Artist rises to the top as the best of the bunch due in large part to how simply unbelievable (yet accurate) its main protagonist is presented to be.

James Franco stars as the enigmatic Tommy Wiseau, a man of mystery whose strange behaviour and outlandish personality attracts the more shy and self-conscious Greg (played by Franco's brother Dave) to his side. Together, the two friends decide to make the opportunities for themselves that Hollywood is denying them and make The Room. What would later be considered the 'best worst film of all time'.

The ludicrous demands that Wiseau made on the set of The Room as the film's producer, director and star make for an amazing comedy and the lunacy of the film's plot mixed with Franco's on point performance can be hard to believe at times but it is a surprisingly truthful re-telling. The Disaster Artist is best watched with as many people as possible that have already seen The Room, it is a labour of love for one of the craziest cult classics of all time.


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