20 Best Movies Of 2016

2. Hell Or High Water


Likely to be the year's best film to end up with zero Oscar nominations, Hell or High Water is a highly entertaining, hysterically funny neo-noir crafted in the vein of the Coen Brothers.

Ben Foster and Chris Pine give their best performances yet as two brothers robbing banks in order to stop their home from going into foreclosure. The bond between the duo is palpable throughout and helps make the seemingly familiar set up feel fresh and unique.

Jeff Bridges is also fantastic as the eccentric Sheriff tracking the pair down, and is pretty much the only shot the movie has at landing any major awards plaudits at this stage.

Still, on its own merits, this is sharply directed by David Mackenzie (Starred Up), and benefits from Taylor Sheridan's (Sicario) savage, witty script. A triumph.


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