20 Best Movies Starring The Friends Cast

Who fared the best after Friends ended?

Horrible Bosses
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There's no denying that Friends will go down in history as one of the most iconic and popular TV sitcoms of all time, and no matter what its six main stars do with the rest of their careers, these roles are always going to be what they're most fondly remembered for.

But as is to be expected when any hit TV show comes to an end, the stars move onto new projects and usually try their hand at cracking the world of movies.

Being massively popular on a TV series in no way guarantees big-screen success, though, as is evidenced by the rather uneven career trajectories of Friends' principal cast members.

One one hand, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow have easily enjoyed the most fruitful movie careers outside of the show, while Courteney Cox has done pretty well for herself across both TV and film.

On the male side, David Schwimmer continues to act in TV and periodically direct, while Matt LeBlanc has been kept busy with his hit shows Episodes and Man with a Plan, and Matthew Perry periodically works in TV while continuing to battle his well-noted personal demons.

Whether successful or not, all six Friends cast members have attempted to break into movies, and of the many dozens of films between them, these are the 20 that Friends obsessives absolutely need to see.

Whether on-brand comedies or more daringly subversive fare, these 20 movies are proof perfect of the dynamic acting chops among the central Friends cast...


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