20 Best Netflix Original Horror Movies - Ranked

The creepiest and goriest horror flicks on Netflix.


There's no doubt that cinema's loss is the streaming industry's gain in our uncertain present, and despite facing stiff competition in recent months from the likes of Disney+, Apple TV+, and HBO Max, Netflix still reigns supreme as the king of the VOD mountain.

Netflix continues to invest enormous amounts of money in bolstering its Originals line-up, releasing up to a dozen new movies per month, ranging from star-studded tentpoles to more modest genre films.

And given that horror films are famously cheap to produce compared to most other genres, it's little surprise that it's found itself quite a snug home on the platform.

Over the last five years, Netflix has produced dozens of horror films, whether glossy, star-studded pictures or low-budget efforts you'll need to actively seek out yourself.

And while the general quality of Netflix's horror-themed Originals are totally all over the place, there are nevertheless some terrific gems worth discovering, no matter the fame of the cast or the size of their budget.

Ranked from good to great, these are the 20 best Netflix Original horrors you absolutely need to check out...


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