20 Best Netflix Original Movies Of 2018 - Ranked

The year's best movies available at your fingertips.

Netflix Apostle Roma Cargo

2018 has been one hell of a banner year for Netflix, with the streaming platform releasing almost 100 bespoke Originals that you can't see anywhere else.

Though Netflix has amassed a (sometimes justified) reputation for serving as a dumping ground for unwanted studio projects and low-effort Adam Sandler comedies, the last 12 months also saw them redoubling their efforts to bring esteemed auteur filmmakers and left-field projects into the fold.

And while not every hotly anticipated movie lived up to expectations, many did and some even exceeded them, delivering not only a great Netflix Original but one of the best movies of the year. Period.

These 20 films, from solid renditions of familiar genre material to awards hopefuls, bold experiments, awesome documentaries and everything in-between, represent the best Netflix-only content released over the last year.

With the platform already committed to releasing movies from the likes of Martin Scorsese, J.C. Chandor, David Michôd and even Michael Bay next year, it's looking like Netflix's momentum as a viable accompaniment - if not an alternative - to cinemas will pick up even more speed in 2019.

But before then, these are the 20 films from 2018 you absolutely must catch up on...

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